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Lokar Corvette Drive by Wire Throttle
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 Lokar Drive by Wire electronic throttle for Corvette.  Uses Williams Controls hall effect pedal sensor module.  5v and ground with two outputs.

BLING for your EV.
Price: $475.00
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Hydraulic Brake Pressure Transducer
Hydraulic Brake Pressure Transducer let's you set up your AC drivetrain for the ultimate feel in regenerative braking. 


1. Specify 1/4 NPT or 1/8th NPT connection to existing hydraulic brake system.

2. Two foot cable with connetions for 5v power (red) ground (black) and signal (white).

3. 500 psi gauge presssure

4. 0.5 to 4.5v output

5. Withistands pressures to 1500 psi.

Price: $199.95
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Magnetic Smartphone Holder
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This item should get a design award.  It is a small gold-toned ferrous mount that mounts easily anywhere on your dash.  It comes with two magnetic disks.  Peel the backing away and stick the disc on the back of your iPhone -  in any kind of case.

You can now place the phone in position over the Tesla logo, and it magnetically holds the phone in position with just enough strength to hold it even while bumping down the road.  The base swivels in all directions, allowing you to aim the phone as you like for optimum viewing.  But you can remove it quite effortlessly when you leave the car.

We've seen many schemes for mounting iPhones and iTablets in cars.  Nothing comes close to this one.  

Price: $19.95
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WARNING Hazardous Voltage Label
WARNING HAZARDOUS VOLTAGE  adhesive lable.  5" x 3 1/2".
This 3.5 mil adhesive backed film UV resistant label is just the thing to warn probing hands of high voltage conditions.  Dresses up your buld to look really professional.
Price: $4.75
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 It's here. The BUG-A-SALT.  This simple gun is NO toy.  It shoots a startingly effective shotgun blast of table salt three to four feet and is absolutely deadly to houseflies.  You can hardly miss.

An ounce of table salt gives you 50 shots - potentially 50 dead houseflies although we've taken out three flies with a single shot.  It's the ultimate test of hunting skill as you learn to patiently stalk, and then eradicate the enemy.  

One day with this superb firearm, and you will laugh out load at people swatting at flies with a fly swatter.  They just don't get it.

Price: $45.95
J1772 to Tesla Plug Adapter
With the EVTV Tesla adapter you can use any J1772 charging apparatus to charge any Tesla.
A simple device that's nice and handy, just in case.  Have a J1772 ? then you need one around for your Tesla buddies.  
Price: $79.95
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EVnetics 3-Wire Automotive Throttle Position Sensor
EVnetics 3-Wire Automotive Throttle Position Sensor

This is the best device we've found to use your EXISTING vehicle throttle assembly and throttle cable.  This is a 5kohm potentiometer 3 wire device with an arm you can connect the throttle cable to at various points depending on your pedal throw.  You can also position this arm on the device at different angles making mounting very flexible.    It has an excellent automotive grade weatherproof connector.  And it is specifically designed for automotive throttle assemblies.

Red wire for 5v, black for ground, and white carries the 0-5v throttle signal to your controller.
Price: $199.95
Stick-On Battery Number Labels
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 This is our simplest product.  We didn't even make a user manual for it.  Consists of 126 peel and stick round numbers sized for the vent cap on the CALB 180AH cell.  

At EVCCON we noticed that most builders number their batteries.  Some very neatly, some not so neatly.  We had these peel and stick printed numbers printed up.

Simple.  But effective.  Dress up your battery box for a professional look.
Price: $9.95
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Lithium Fire Extinguisher 2.5 Gallon Class D
 This is a 2.5 gallon pressurized fire extinguisher.  But instead of water, it is chargeed with Spectrum FX Firebane 1179 - an aqueous based class D extinguishing agent specially formulated for metal fires and curiously effective at extinguishing lithium battery fires.

This extinguishing agent is entirely non-toxic and environmentally safe.
Price: $895.00
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