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100 ft. 15a/125v/1875w Extension Cord with Power Indicator Light
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Yellow Jacket 2806 100foot 10/3 Heavy Duty Extension Cable

Its the same question and the same answer.Have you ever plugged in to a cord and have your tool not work and wondered is it the device? is the cord plugged into the outlet? a tripped breaker?  The lighted end of this heavy duty power cord solves that problem, you know its working as soon as you pick it up.  The 10 awg won't overheat with long use like cheaper box store brands of cords. The bright yellow is highly visible so you can find it, fast and its abrasion resistant for a cord that will last. This 100 ft cord has the length for an electric lawn mower or snow blower. 

Price: $159.00
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Tinned Copper Terminal 1/0 1/4
 Tinned Copper Terminal for 1/0 Cable.  Connector hole of 1/4 inch
Price: $3.49
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Tinned Copper Terminal 1/0 3/8
 Tinned Copper Terminal for 1/0 Cable.  Connector hole of 3/8 inch.
Price: $3.49
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Tinned Copper Terminal 1/0 3/8 90 degree
 Tinned Copper Terminal for 1/0 cable with 3/8 hole and 90 degree bend.
Price: $4.95
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Tinned Copper Terminal 1/0 5/16
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 Tinned Copper Terminal for 1/0 Cable.  Connector hole of 5/16 inch.
Price: $3.49
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Tinned Copper Terminal 1/0 5/16 90 degree
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 Tinned Copper Terminal for 1/0 Cable with 5/16 hole and 90 degree bend.
Price: $4.95
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Solid State DC Relay 10A
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This is a solid state DC relay for switching DC currents of up to 10 amperes at voltages from 5vdc to 220vdc.  A small red light indicates when it is on. 

These work like mechanical relays but without the contact life issues.  Control voltage from 3-32vdc causes it to connect the two terminals.  This control voltage draws less than 25 ma.  You could actually use a bare Arduino digital output to switch up to 10 amps at up to 220vdc voltage.

Load Current: 10A peak.  Limit to 5 amperes continuous load.
Load Voltage: 5-220V DC Actual (24-220V DC MArked)
Control Voltage: 3-32V DC
Control Current: 5-25mA DC

Price: $14.95
Permanent Magnet 10 kW BLDC Motor and Controller
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This is a very interesting and versatile small permanent magnet brushless DC 3-phase motor/controller combination.  Rated at 10kw, this little powerhouse combination  is capable of up to 20 kw of power with full regenerative braking capability and capable of up to about 21 ft-lbs of torque.

Designed for low voltage applications, it runs on a nominal 48v (40-60v) and the motor weighs just 38 lbs.  This is actually the motor used in the 20Hp electric outboard motor.  The motor is 8 inches in diameter but less than 7 inches long.  Ideal for a go-kart, inboard boat motor, etc.

The controller can handle up to 420 battery amps and puts out up to 840 motor amps. 1 inch keyed shaft.
Price: $3,150.00
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EVTV 12kW  48v Inverter for Tesla Battery Modules
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 Battery powered off-grid systems are quiet popular and 48vdc is the current voltage of preference.  Unfortunately, most 48vdc inverters are simply a poor match for Tesla Battery Modules.  Why?

The main problem is the Low Voltage Cutoff - the point of battery discharge where the inverter will shut down to protect the battery.  Almost all 48vdc inverters have LVCO in the 42-44v range with a very very few able to handle batteries down to 40v.

Two Tesla Battery Modules in series are pretty much discharged at 36v.  but they are only 50% discharged at 43.2v.  And so with almost all inverters on the market you are leaving 30-50% of your battery capacity on the table.  That means you have to purchase TWICE the battery capacity that you would need if the inverter simply operated down to the 36v cutoff.

The other issue is that many of these inverters will also charge your batteries from AC - the charger is built in.  That's great, but they are traditionally designed for lead acid batteries.  They may support a bewildering array of Pb chemistry types, but ALL of the charge curves they provide are deadly to Tesla Battery Modules.  We advocate charging with a simple bulk current to 50.5volts and NO MORE.
Almost all inverters want to charge to something more like 56 volts with equalization phases as high as 60v.  This will immediately DESTROY your Tesla Battery Module, not over time but the FIRST time it does so.

And of course most 48vdc inverters provide 4kw to 8kw of power max.

We have located an excellent quality 12 kilowatt inverter made in China that can do 36kw for 20 seconds.  It charges at 110 amperes from 240vac.  And we have commissioned them to provide a Low Voltage Cutoff of 39vdc and a charge limit of 50.5vdc - ideally tuned for the Tesla Battery Modules.

Price: $2,995.00
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Economy 12v Coolant Pump
This is a high quality high temperature DC12V submersible water pump.The pump can handle up to 80'C continuously. It can be submersed as long as liquid temperature is under 50'C. It's built by a brush-less motor so that it's quieter and lasts longer than a brush water pump. Also, it will not generate an 'electric spark' (noise) like a brushed type motor does so it's safer to use it when near a flammable gas. Ideal for solar heater, automobile, sprinkler system,irrigation, mobile home. It can be used to pump oil and gasoline as well.
Price: $69.00
19mm Momentary Contact Pushbutton Switch
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 High quality stainless steel/nickel plated brass momentary contact pushbutton switch.  Normally open.  Press to close.  Release to open.

Ideal for reset switches etc where a momentary contact is desired.  Unlit.  Sturdy screw terminals.
Price: $11.95
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Tinned Copper Terminal 1AWG 3/8 90 Degree
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Tinned Copper Terminal for 1 AWG cable.  Connector hole 3/8 inch 90 degree. 
Price: $4.95
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