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The ULTIMATE RV and Marine Battery Module. This is our most powerful RV/Marine battery module at over 5200 Wh of energy. This 12vdc, 400Ah battery module is quite literally bullet proof.

At 20 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches and 150 lbs, the MILSPEC 12-400 provides 12v systems over 400Ah of capacity, over 3000 amps of pulse power and over 1200 amps continuous, and replaces nearly 600 lbs of lead acid cells. It is smaller, lighter, lasts 10 times longer than lead and simply does not have the maintenance and operational issues that lead acid or AGM cells exibit.

For example:

No watering - no maintenance.
You NEVER have to fully charge this battery. It can rest at any state of charge indefinitely without sulfation, crystallization or deterioration of any kind.
No self discharge. With no load, you can leave this battery sit for three years and come back to find it at EXACTLY the voltage you left it at. Ready to go IMMEDIATELY at the start of your season.
Fast charge - charge this battery at up to 1200 amps in 20 minutes. Whatever charge power you have available, this battery can take it with ease.
No memory effect. No equalization. No float. No maintenance procedures. Ever
Charge it to 14.4v and terminate. That's it. No charge curves..
No battery management system.
HEAVY duty guarded terminals - prevent shorts - EVEN in the case of dramatic accident or collision.
HEAVY duty retractable handles allow easy handling by two people.
Convenient digital voltmeter shows accurate battery voltage at the touch of a button.

If you use batteries for remote solar power generation with Recreational Vehicles or Marine Applications, you literally wll not believe this battery. It will change your life. Install it. Walk away. And never look at it again. It's the safest battery in the world and its made of entirely benign non toxic materials - aluminum, copper, carbon, and iron phosphate, a common fertilizer.

There are a couple of provisos and conditionals:

NEVER charge this battery above 16 volts.  That WILL destroy it.
NEVER use it in series with other batteries.  There is no way to assure they are at the same state of charge and this pack COULD become discharged and incur cell reversal if other batteries in series with it have a higher state of charge.  Simply do not operate these cells in series with other batteries.
You can parallel these modules with themselves without limitation.  But do NOT parallel with lead acid, AGM or other cells that DO exhibit self discharge.  THEY can overdischarge THIS module.
Do NOT charge this module below the freezing temperature 0C/32F.  You can DISCHARGE it to as low as -20C/0F.  But do not CHARGE it at those low temperatures.
Use sufficiently heavy wiring and terminals for the current draw.
Make sure the terminals are tightly clamped to the clean dry terminals of this battery using the provided hex head bolts and Nordlock washers.

Length: 20 inches
Width: 12.5 inches
Height: 12.5 inches
Weight: 68kg/150lbs.
Charge Voltage: 14.4v
Fully charged voltage at rest: 13.4v
Fully discharged voltage at rest: 12v
Do not discharge below 10v
Capacity: >400Ampere Hours. 5120 Watt-Hours
Available for use: > 400AH.
Charging Temperature: 0-45C
Discharge Temperature: -20-45C

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