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PTC Space Heater
PTC Space Heater
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PTC HEATER for Electric Cars.

This is a PTC space heater for use in an electric car.  It operates nominally at 110v but we've run these as high as 200v in the past with great success and down to about 90v pack voltage.  It is also available in 220v and  360v versions.

Postive Temperature Coeffeicent heaters are very safe.  As temperature rises, so does resistance and so the current decreases. This is not just a heating element but includes:

Protective Frame
PTC heating element
12v fan - very quiet.

We also include a 900v 500A Tyco Kilovac contactor.  You want to use this to switch teh pack voltage to the PTC element. DO NOT USE A 12 V RELAY FOR THIS.  The relays arc weld shut leaving your pack connected to the heater when you think you have the car and the heater shut off.   This will drain your pack to zero overnight - destroying your cells.  Always use a high current high voltage contactor to switch pack voltages to this load.

This forms basically a safe and effective heating kit for your car.

The PTC is 1300 watts and puts out great heat.

The fan blows gently but very quietly.

The frame allows you to mount it easily.

The thermostat shuts it off in an overheat situation.

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220 Volt PTC Heater

- 11/29/2013

The heater works great.. The cab of my 1939 Dodge is somewhat small and this 1300 W heater produces more heat than you can tolerate. I need to keep turning it off to keep the temperature from going two high. (Need to get a thermostat.) I found the fan to be a bit noisy when the truck is stopped, but the noise seems to disappear once the truck is in motion. When running the fan and heater draw about 4 or 5 Amps on a 250

Price: $279.00

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