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Hot Water Heating Kit
Hot Water Heating Kit
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This is a reproduction of our glycol heating system used in the Cadillac Escalade EXT Electric project.

We made about five different runs at this before getting it right. It now works in stellar fashion giving us the original heating system that came with the vehicle.

Most modern vehicles use 195F water from the engine for heating and offer a simple inlet and outlet to the engine from the vehicle heat exchanger. This extensive kti allows you to simulate that engine heat with a 5kW industrial strength electric heater. Yes, it will decrease your range. You may find that an acceptable trade on a four-mile drive at 10F ambient. We certainly do.  

This kit includes:

1. 5kW 240v HOTSTART industrial water heater. This unit is actually designed for caterpiller tractors and diesel trucks. They have been in this business since 1947. This heater can take the punishment and features a bleed valve, inlet, outlet, and heater element. We've added 1 inch to 1/2 inch reducers to connect with the system.

2. Pierberg Pump with AN fittings. One of our favorites. Withstands high temperatures. Low current draw at 12vdc. No bushings. No seals. Designed for 50,000 hour operations in solar hot water heating systems.

3. Moroso Fill/Expansion Tank with PT100 temperature probe. We modified this overflow tank with our AN-6 fittings and mounted a PT100 temperature probe for the temperature controller in the bottom.

4. JLD612 Temperature Controller. This temperature controller allows you to set the high temperature at which your system cuts off, and the low temperature where it comes on. On our Escalade, anything below 150F causes the system to apply 190v pack voltage to the heater and anything above 170F we cut it off. In this way, you don't acdtually run 26 amps continuously. The system cycles on and off as needed to maintain a comfortable temperatures.

5. Gigavac Contactor. This is a key safety element, applying pack voltage to the system and more importantly reliably cutting it off if you turn off the heat switch OR turn off the ignition switch. This prevents SSR failure from bleeding your padck down accidentally.

6. 80 AM 240VDC Solid State Relay with heat sink. This solid state relay and heat sink is what actually switches the heater on and off under command of the temperature controller. In this way, you don't weare out your contactor with thousands of cycles under current load.

7. 15 feet of Braided Nylon Hose. AN-6 hose to make your system connections.

8. Black Anodized AN-6 fittings. Includes black anodized AN-6 hose ends to make your connections.

9. Heater control switch. This switch lights up when the sysetm is on, and is dark when it is off. Works with included 12v relay to provide 12v system power to the pump, the temperature controller, and the contactor.

Not inlcuded:

1. Barbed fittings to connect to your existing heating system.

2. Some success with high temperature firewall blanketing material to wrap heater and/or fill tank to make more efficient.

3. 50% Glycol Anti-Freeze mixture

For systems 240vdc and below select 240vdc heater element.

For systems above 240vdc, select 380vdc heater elements.

Kit Contains: 2ea 1 Inch x 3/8 NPT bushing adapter 4ea 3/8 AN6 Male 2ea 1/4 AN6 Male 4ea AN6 Straight Hose End 2ea AN6 90 Hose End 1ea JLDC612 Temperature Control 1ea DD220D80 Solid State Relay 1ea Heat Sink 1ea PT1002M Temperature Probe 1ea Pierburg Pump + Harness Kit 1ea GV200MA-1 GigaVac Contactor 1ea Braided Black Hose 15ft. 1ea Moroso Heating Tank 1ea Push Button Contact (Blue) 1ea Pipe Thread Tape (Yellow)
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