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Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit (GEVCU) Version 6
Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit (GEVCU) Version 6
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This is this is the assembled ready-to-use hardware version of an EVTV open source project to develop both the hardware and software to not only control the DMOC645/Siemens drive train, but virtually any modern AC drive train system once the CAN commands are known. Modules are already available to control the UQM Powerphase 100 CODA drive train and the BRUSA drive train. With the 6.2 version release, we now support Bluetooth Low Energy communications for smart phone/tablet control and display.. And a socket is provided  

This device serves as a Vehicle Control Unit for any electric vehicle and features very easy to use and very flexible configuration to deal with most throttle and brake combinations you may encounter.   But it is an extension of the Arduino Due and is fully compatible with the Arduino Due Integrated Development Environment or IDE.  It appears as an ordinary Arduino Due Native Port Mode in that environment and you can write and compile any software to operate this device.

An open source software project already exists at http://github/collin80/GEVCU providing fully funcitonal software to drive the DMOC645 and Siemens motor and the UQM Powerphase 100 CODA version. It is quite modular and object oriented allowing C++ skilled users to easily extend the function of this device ad infinitum.

It features 4 opto-isolated buffered and protected analog inputs, four optio-isolated protected digital inputs and 8 buffered switched MOSFET outputs capable of up to 2 amps with surge capability to 7 amperes.  All 8 can be further used with PWM (pulse width modulation) to simulate 0 to 12c analog signals.

The device featurs TWO separate CAN buses and provides 5v and 12v power to external sensors.

Based on the Arduino Due, the GEVCU can compile and load programs using the Arduino Due IDE and appears as Arduino Due Native USB Port

84 MHz Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU
96 KBytes of SRAM
512 KBytes of Flash memory for code.
2 Controller Area Network (CAN) bus connections
Native USB Serial Port
4  buffered/isolated24bit  Analog A/D inputs
4 buffered and isolated Digital Inputs (accepts 12v signals)
8 buffered and isolated Digital PWM Outputs

GEVCU USER MANUAL - Version 6.22

GEVCU Source Code Latest Version

GEVCU Latest Software Version with binary updater

GEVCU - Libraries needed to compile GEVCU software

Adafruit Bluetooth Low Energy SPI version information

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GEVCU with CODA UQM motor and Torque Box Gear Box

- 09/23/2017

Finally getting my EV running with the GEVCU and it has worked out very well. I am only beginning to understand how useful and flexible the GEVCU is. My biggest concern initially was if the GEVCU was actually going to be able to communicate with my Coda motor & inverter along with my Prius throttle. Turned out to be a non-issue. Thanks to Jack for all his help. Still working on tuning everything.

Price: $695.00

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