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Battery Module Controller v2 for Tesla Model S Battery Modules
Battery Module Controller v2 for Tesla Model S Battery Modules
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 This battery controller, Version 2, uses an Espressif ESP32 chip with Wifi capabilities to monitor Tesla Model S Battery Modules.  Broadly, it simulates the BMS management board in a full Tesla Model S battery pack to monitor each of the 16 battery modules in the pack by communicating with BMS boards mounted on each battery module.

This controller also features two contactors and a current measurement sensor, along with software to allow you to communicate with up to 62 Tesla Battery Modules and control access to them

It also calculates power into and out of the pack, measures current and power flow, records peaks of current and voltage, and allows you to fully configure a number of parameters about your battery.

It also provides outputs to remotely control charging and heating and cooling and can be used with grid-interactive microinverters.  It INCLUDES a Battery Display based on the Raspberry Pi to illustrate all of this graphically.  

This is a fully assembled unit and includes our new EVTV Battery Display Monitor - a beautiful touch screen display allowing easy monitoring of battery data.  This display communicates with the controller wirelessly and can be placed anywhere in range of your home wiress hub. 

Additional Battery Display Monitors are available.  Using an Amazon AWS Iot Core account you can view your battery controller data from anywhere in the world remotely using the Message Queing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol.

EVTV ESP32 BMS Controller Assembly User Manual

EVTV Battery Display User Manual

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EVTV Battery DisplayEVTV Battery Display
 This Battery Display is included in the Battery Module Controller Version 2 for Tesla Model S Battery Modules.  It is provided here separately for those wishing to add additional Battery Displays for viewing in multiple locations.

This display features a brilliant 7-inch touchscreen display of all your Tesla Battery Module Controller data including power output, current, voltage of each individual cell and state of charge. It allows you to easily modify the configurtion of your system remotely. 
Other Features:

1. UDP Wireless connectivity through your existing WIFI Hub Router.
2. Onboard data logging.
3. Built in web server displaying historical data in graph form.
4. Remote connectivity using Amazon AWS IoT Core.
5. One click Online Software Updates.
6. Built in VNC server - Remote screen sharing using VNC Viewer.
Price: $1,995.00
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