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Brusa NLG513-U1-O1l Charger
Brusa NLG513-U1-O1l Charger
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Brusa NLG513-U1-O1l 3.3kW Charger

Our first charger was a Brusa NLG513 model and we use them still in Speedster Redux, the Electric Spyder 550 and the 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman.  These chargers are quite configurable, very high quality fo build, and reliable.  They are also largely unsupported 
here in the U.S. by the manufacturer.  So its been awhile since we've purchased any.

As part of the Azure Dynamics Liquidation auction we purchased a block lot of 48 of these excellent chargers new in box on a pallet.  And so we are able to offer the to our viewers for a limited time at a firesale price.   

We have chased down the pins, inserts, and housings you need for the AMPSEAL 23 connector, the mains cable and the battery cable. 

We also have a limited quantity of the factory built mains and battery cables built for the AZD eTransit Connect - as an option at an additional charge.

The chargers are listed as 200-520v at 3.3kw and 12.5 amps.  Let's talk about what that means. 
 They are certainly designed for higher voltage systems.  But you can CHARGE a 12 volt battery with these quite superbly.  Operating from either 120vac or 240 vac, the MAXIMUM voltage
they will charge at is 520v.  Also the MAXIMUM power they will charge at is 3.3kw and the MAXIMUM current is 12.5 amps.  These are somewhat interactive.

At 520volts, your maximum power is 3.3 kW and so the maximum current you will achieve is a little over 6 1/3 amps.   You cannot exceed the 3.3 kW.  3300/520=6.34 amperes.

On the other hand at 200 volts you can not exceed 12.5 amps and so your max power you will charge at will only be 2500 watts (12.5 amps x 200 volts).

So you can use these to charge at 126volts quite readily.  But you STILL
 cannot exceed 12.5 amps.  And so you'll only get a total output power of 126 x 12.5 or 1575 watts.  By the way, all of this is true with ANY charger you buy.  It may BE a 4 kw charger, but not at all voltages or currents.

The good news is this is a FULLY
 ISOLATED CHARGER.  And what that means is that you can easily use two or more of them TOGETHER with no problems.   In fact, there are modes allowing them actually to coordinate activities.

The CHARGESTAR software allows you to access the charger via a Windows Laptop and serial port to write a bewildering array of charge profiles using time, temperature, current, voltage, almost any parameter you want.  These are stored and then used automatically when you plug it in.

The device also features CANbus communications.  So you can control it from other devices or report voltage and current and so forth on a CANbus.

Very high quality build.  It is quite small physically.  A beautiful piece of work.

But no warranty and no support. 

These are supposed to have some profiles for cold weather charging already programmed that Azure Dynamics worked out for the Ford Transit Connect.

We DO have the latest software and documentation:

Brusa NLG513 Data Sheet

Brusa NLG513 USER MANUAL 2012

Earlier 2003 Brusa NLG513 USER MANUAL

ChargeStar Version 3.05 Configuration Software Program (Windows)

Brusa CAN bus specification version 2.01

Support Forum for BRUSA NLG513 Charger

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The best ever

- 05/20/2015

BRUSA products are the best out there, especially these series which had been discontinued but they started to produce it again.
Also EVTV is very reliable and reputable. Their shipment are superfast and their customer service is unique!


- 05/15/2015

It`s an amazing product and works pretty well on my Nissan Leaf; it has reduced the charging time to half!

Brusa Chargers

- 02/01/2013

I already have one of these and they are the best.
Also must add my congratulations for an excellent purchase and payment system.

Well done Jack.

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Price: $1,995.00
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