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Tesla Drive Unit Just the Basics Kit
Tesla Drive Unit Just the Basics Kit
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We have had endless inquiries from those wishing to procure their own drive unit and somehow use our system to make it work at much less expense.  This actually rarely works out.  Drive units can be damaged internally and something as small as a single thermistor temperature sensor inoperative will prevent the drive unit from working at all.  We get about 3 good ones for every four we purchase from salvage. 

Tesla has issued several versions of their firmware and our system does not work with all of them.  And Tesla has itself had some problems with drive units failing. And so we recommend a drive unit or full subclip that we have tested, installed a Quaife ATB, and know works with our system as a starting point.

But the quest for an inexpensive means of controlling these drive units is relentless, and the hopeful are at least "hopeful".  And so we have made our basic controller kit available at a very reasonable price to allow those experimenters basically to learn the hard way.

Kit includes:GEVCU Controller with Tesla control software
  • Wiring harness
  • PKP2400 CAN Control Switch Panel for Tesla Drive Unit
  • IVTSCALE 1000Amp current/voltage sensor
  • Custom Speedhut CAN Gage set for Tesla Drive Unit
This is the very basic control system.  Works with most 2013-2015 drive units but is NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK WITH YOUR DRIVE UNIT.  Additionally, we can provide only LIMITED product support to you in your efforts to get this to work with an UNKNOWN DRIVE UNIT.  No returns and no refunds on this product.

Alset Experimental Drive Unit User Manual

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Powerkey Pro 2400 for Tesla Drive UnitPowerkey Pro 2400 for Tesla Drive Unit



This version of the PowerkeyPro 2400 is specially pre-programmed to work with our Tesla Drive Unit kits.  It also features custom laser etched key lenses for the specific functions provided by the Tesla Drive Unit software


ISAscale  1000A High Precision CAN ShuntISAscale 1000A High Precision CAN Shunt
 This CAN device measures up to 3 battery pack voltage segments, with full isolation, on packs up to 800v, and is rated for 1,000 Amp current measurement.  You can run up to 2000 amps for up to 10seconds.  Best of all, it reports these three voltages and this highly accurate 0.1% current measurement using standard CAN messages.

But wait, there's more.  Temperature.  Ampere-Hours are accumulated.  kWh are accumulated.  All available by CAN.  This one device essentially IS a Battery Monitoring System.  We found it looking for something that would measure 1000-1300 amps we will encounter with the Tesla Model S Drive Trains.

EVTV Custom CAN Gage SetEVTV Custom CAN Gage Set



EVTV has worked with Speedhut to develop a custom gage set for use in our Tesla Drive Unit that displays vehicle data received on the Controller Area Network or CAN bus.

This gage set uses standard J1979 CAN Parameter Identifiers or PIDS for speed, rpm, engine coolant temperature, fuel level and auxiliary voltage.  But we have modified these gages to show Electric Vehicle State of Charge (SOC) on the fuel level indicator, inverter temperature on the engine coolant gage, and pack voltage on the aux 12v gage.  The gages have been custom printed to show these values and we have scaled those values as appropriate.  Additionally, we use the Tachometer for both RPM and AMPS as desired.

These gages can easily be adapted to any CAN based control system on any electric vehicle.


Price: $2,995.00
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