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Tesla Model S Battery Module
Tesla Model S Battery Module
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Salvaged Tesla Model S 85kW lithium battery module.

In recent years, the Tesla Model S battery module has emerged as a staple in home solar energy applications.  It is available in a handy size at a little over two feet long and 56 lbs with a nominal voltage of 21.6v and an impressive capacity of approximately 5 kiloWatt-hours.

Commonly available at less than half of the price of new lithium batteries, these modules are gleaned from wrecked and salvaged Tesla Model S automobiles.  As such, this represents a very odd "seam in the zone" opportunity in lithium batteries.

In order to overcome the chief objection to purchasing an electric automobile, manufacturers offer unusually generous full replacement warranties on the batteries of eight or even 10 years and 100,000 or 120,000 miles.  This means essentially ALL current electric vehicles on the road are still under battery warranty and will be for years to come.

This represents an unusual opportunity in that for salvage operators, there exists essentially ZERO automotive after market for these batteries   No car owner with a failing battery looks to purchase a USED one from a salvage yard when brand new batteries are available from the OEM at ZERO cost under warranty.

The result is a large number of salvaged battery modules available for a small number of purchasers who use them for other purposes, such as home-built EVs and solar energy storage applications in homes, boats, and recreational vehicles.

Bottom line is that for the same capacity, these modules are HALF the cost of new lithium batteries and very nearly the same price as new lead acid batteries requiring 4x the weight and volume for the same energy capacity.

And now with the available EVTV module controller circuitry, you can safely use these batteries taking advantage of the advanced Tesla BMS circuit board provided on the module itself to monitor voltages and temperatures and perform balancing of the cells while in operation.

We carefully shop for nearly new batteries from wrecked Tesla vehicles with less than 20,000 miles on them.  For all practical purposes, these are nearly new modules in perfect condition.

They ARE from wrecked/salvaged vehicles and so there is no warranty or returns on these modules. But they represent a truly unusual opportunity for creative use of very high energy density lithium batteries.

Each module consists of six "cells" of nominal 3.6vdc consisting of 74 Panasonic NCA 18650 cylindrical battery cells of approximately 3.2 Ah capacity in parallel.  This 6S74P configuration then features a nominal voltage of 21.6v at 233 Ampere-hours for 5032 Watt-hour capacity.

Module Voltage Range:
18.0V soc 0%
21.6V soc 50% (nominal voltage)
25.2V soc 100%

Cell Voltage Range:
3.0V soc 0%
3.60V soc 50%
4.20V soc 100%
capacity ~233Ah, ~5kWh

Battery Chemistry: Lithium Nickel Cobalt  Aluminum Oxide (NCA) LiNiCoAlO2 cathode with carbon/silicon anode.
Length 27 in / 685mm
Total width with mounting fins 11 13/16 in / 300mm
Height 3 in / 75mm
Terminals  9 in / 230mm
Tubing 5/16 in / 8mm
Weight: 56.5lbs / 25.6kg
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