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Magnum 48v DC to AC Inverter and Battery Charger
Magnum 48v DC to AC Inverter and Battery Charger
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This is a 48vdc Battery Back up power system and offers the best features we've found in its class.

It supports a DC input voltage of 36 to 68 vdc and provides BOTH 120vac and 240vac split phase outputs.

Rated for 4400 watts, it will produce up to 8000 watts briefly and 4800 watts for up to 30 minutes with 4400 watts continuously. Up to 70A surge output on the AC side.

In pass through mode, it will pass existing AC power of up to 30 amps. In the event of power outage, it automatically switches to invert mode and produces power at a 60 Hz true sine wave output.

When AC input power IS available it will charge the batteries at up to 60 amps. It does so up to a voltage of 58.6 which is exactly 3.65 per cell on a 16 cell LiFePo4 system such as our 48vdc battery module. It will then maintain that voltage while decreasing current for up to 2 hours. It will then "float" the battery at 53.6 v which is perfect at 3.35v for 16 cells. Finally, it will MONITOR the batteries and if they fall below a certain value it will again float charge at 53.6v.

Bottom line is this charger is a perfect match for charging our 48v battery module. 

Note that this unit does not have anti-islanding and does not require any grid power input to produce an AC power output. Perfect for boating or camping or other off grid applications.
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