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Fusion CAN32 Module
Fusion CAN32 Module
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The CAN32 development board is designed to allow easy projects and testing of the ESP32 in a CAN-BUS environment. This board has many features that will get you started without the need for external breakouts.

  • Standard ESP32-Wroom module on board
  • Silicon Labs CP2102N USB to UART
  • Texas Instruments SN65HVD230DR CAN-BUS transceiver with sleep mode
  • Texas Instruments <15V regulator for power from USB and/or vehicle voltage 
  • Hirose micro SD slot
  • Molex micro USB connector
  • C&K soft-touch low-profile buttons for reset and boot

One of the main requirements for this dev board was a high-quality PCB (gold coated pads) and brand-name parts. Broken-out pins can be used for adding various other modules and sensors. The 800mA LDO can provide over 500mA @3.3V to external devices. GPIOs/power broken out:

  • 5V (when USB is applied)
  • 3.3V (~300mA for on-board devices, ~500mA available for external devices)
  • GND
  • GPIO36 (SVP), GPIO39 (SVN), GPIO34, GPIO35, GPIO25, GPIO26, GPIO14, GPIO12, GPIO22 (I2C SCL), GPIO21 (I2C SDA)
  • another HW UART can be mapped to any pins

Four larger vias allow connection of CAN H and L, 12V (max. 15V), GND. The board can be powered via USB or vehicle battery 12V (max. 15V), but 12V is not required if powered via USB.

Four LEDs signal power to board (red), ESP on (blue), USB->UART RX (orange), USB->UART TX (green)

The ESP32 CAN-BUS protocol is still under development (as are most features), but there are working examples available (https://github.com/ThomasBarth/ESP32-CAN-Driver). Each board is tested, CP2102 pre-configured, and an Arduino Wifi-Scan example is pre-programmed.

Note: Pull CAN RS (pin 25 / GPIO16) LOW to enable high-speed CAN. HIGH = CAN sleep mode. SD Card CS pin is 27 (GPIO17). Set this in the SDFat library variables. 

esp32_can - Library to do CAN on ESP32

Sample program retrieves time by WiFi and sends as CAN message
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