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The EVTV Controller Area Network (CAN) Geopositioning Satellite System receiver receives positioning information from the GPS satellite system and converts it to CAN data frames for use on automotive and marine systems.

It provides data in CAN 11-bit or 29bit format at any CAN data rate. GPS updates at 1Hz.

1.  Speed in whole statue miles per hour.
2.  Direction of travel -Course in degrees to 2 decimal places.
3. Odometer - statute miles travelled since last reset.
4. UTC time hours/minutes/seconds to act as real time clock
5. Lattitude and longitude to six decimal places (ie 37.123456)

This data is transmitted on two message IDs - 0x700 and 0x702 default.

Additionally, you can configure the operation of this device by CAN control messageID 0x711

   1. Change the base message ID from 0x700 to any CAN message ID - including 29-bit addresses.  Both messages will then assume the new address and new address+1.
   2. Change CAN data rate from the default 500 kbps.
   3. Easily reset Odometer (total distance travelled) to zero or any desired value.

Connection couldn't be simpler.  A single shielded cable provides four wires:

RED - 12vdc vehicle power
BLK - 12v return

Additionally, the device features an external antenna that should be routed to an open location for optimum GPS satellite reception.

A USB-B port allows an ASCII terminal connection to check operation and do minor configuration on the device.

CAN GPS User Manual

Full Source Code and data for CAN GPS

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